Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please feel free to give us a call at 919.410.5543, or use our contact page. We will answer your questions usually within 24 hours.

FAQ 1 – What is the price?
The cost of our floats is determined mainly by how far we travel. There are other factors that play a role, but we aim to provide you with the best quality float we can at an affordable rate. Generally, the range of price is from $450.00 and up.

FAQ 2 – What does the price include?
We are a full service business. We supply the float, driver, delivery, set-up, some seats and hand stands, and signs for your business or organization. All you have to do is ride through the parade.

FAQ 3 – What do the signs look like?
They are computer-generated vinyl letters on a white background, poly-coat board. The size of the board is 6″ x 60″ with 4″ letters on it. It is very visible on the side of the float (see pictures for examples).

FAQ 4 – How many people can ride on the float?
Some floats can hold more than others, but as a general rule, we suggest that no more than 12 people ride.

FAQ 5 – What is the size of the float?
Most floats are 8′ feet wide and 24′ to 26′ feet long. Some do fold out to 12′ feet wide.

FAQ 6 – Can changes be made?
Some people do request color changes from time to time. We do try to accommodate people with their special requests as much as possible. However, color changes increase the cost of the float dramatically. We do not accept any changes–especially color changes–during the Fall Homecoming Season or Christmas Season due to things being so busy this time of year. We will try to make the float apply to your special event.

FAQ 7 – How do I go about renting one?
Simply contact me at or call me at 919.410.5543.